Monday, January 7, 2013

Another teenage girl

I realized it's been awhile since I've blogged about one of my foster kids. Our house has been a whirlwind of activity since last April. We've had 5 kids come into our home, 4 kids leave our home and our child come home from abroad (you can click to read that story). Between kids, work and everything else, I haven't been blogging as much as I want to.
So I figured I'd catch you up on one of the 5 kids (I'll tell you about the others later). After our little man left I was heart broken. But see that's how God is good. He knows what we really need and he sends it our way. Sometimes it means we take a break, sometimes it means he fills the void. This time he filled the void. He sent us a teenage girl. We got the call for a "temporary" placement. Another family was trying to get certified because they wanted her to live with them. It would just be a couple of weeks.....
Spunky K showed up at our door that afternoon. She was a chubby teenage girl with blue hair, lots of piercings and full of attitude. Oh crap, what did we just get ourselves into?? The first two weeks, she spent most of her time with the other family. She really wanted to live with them. She did not want to be with us. Then the news came that they were denied certification. So our "temporary" placement would be a little longer. However she had family out of state that was wanting her.
Spunky K decided to start to get to know us. She was determined to keep us at arms length though. She had a few issues with things like drugs. We handled them as they came up. The more I got to know her, the more I started to like her. She died her hair after about a month of being with us and the piercings slowly started coming out (at least some of them). We never said a word to her about any of it though. If that was what she needed to feel good about herself, then so be it.
Spunky started working out with me. It really boosted her self image. On Mother's day I wanted to do go on a tough hike. I love hiking and I can only get my husband to do it on special occasions. We hadn't done this particular hike for 2 years. I forgot how tough it really was. It's only 3 miles, but it's a steep switchback start and a long loop after. Spunky K had never been hiking in her life. She kept up amazingly. In fact our other foster teenage daughter quit 10 minutes into the hike and wanted to wait for us at the park. I really was impressed with Spunky. She did it and was so proud of herself.
I think our hike was a new start for her. She realized that she could do something hard.
After that Spunky and I started a new leaf. She is an amazing kid who has never really had someone believe in her. She loves babies and old people. She is a talker, and has to get all her words out everyday.
Spunky K is still with us. Her family has not been doing anything. So now the judge is talking about permanency options for her. She wants to stay with us. She is part of our family already.  I introduce her as my daughter. My other teenage daughter has moved on to another foster home, but my two teenage girls get along great, most of the time.

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