Monday, December 24, 2012

Pool Table cake

Ok this will be my last cake post of this year. I'm ending it with the best cake I've made to date!

My husband's birthday is 2 days before Christmas. I have always made sure we kept it a separate event and tried to make it fun for him. This year I had a party for him with a lot of our friends. I saved up cash for months to buy him a pool table. I managed to find a great deal on one during the black Friday sale. I was so excited and managed to hide it from him for a month!!

I wanted his cake to go along with his gift. So I started researching pics of pool table cakes other people had made. I found a few of them that I liked and thought I could use. See when I make a cake I like to get ideas from other pics and create. I don't try to replicate what other people have done, just parts of what other people have done.

So back to my cake. I had this idea to make a pool table with balls, a cue stick and some chalk. I wanted it to look as realistic as possible. Here is what I came up with.
I made a double layer German chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling (that's tradition for his birthday). I baked it the night before and put it in the freezer. That way it would be ready for me to decorate. Once I had the two layers trimmed up, I put the filling in the middle and put them together. Then I made my fondant and pulled off sections to color and get ready. I next took some gumballs and covered them in fondant to match pool balls. I cut out little white circles to write the numbers on later. While those set I covered the cake with homemade white frosting so it would be able to hold the fondant on the cake. Once that was done I rolled out a layer of light brown fondant and covered my cake with it. As that set I rolled out strips of fondant to look like the raised edges of a pool table. Once they were on the cake I covered them with short layers of fondant so they would blend. Then I rolled out green fondant and cut it to fit the top (a friend showed me how to make it fit right and still hold it's shape). Once that was done, I cut out 6 circles for the ball holes.
My friend who has made cakes for years came over to help me for an hour. She made the pool cue for me by covering a dowel with fondant. She also helped me put the final dark edges to give the table a more real look. Then I put the black holes in place and scattered the balls around the table.
I am so happy with the final product. This was the hardest cake I have ever made, but it was so much fun! A lot of our friends thought I had it professionally made. At first I was offended, but I realized it was actually a complement. Thanks guys!!


  1. I loved it so much. You gave me the best birthday ever. It was the perfect trifecta of the perfect cake, the perfect gift, and the perfect birthday party.

    I love you

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